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From here you can find all your needs.

Sex toys, generic term for sexually-stimulating objects introduced into sex play to enhance the pleasure of one or both partners, either specifically intended for sexual enhancement or commonly used for same.

Vibrator, a vibrating electrical device used in massage or for sexual stimulation.

Dildo, An object shaped like an erect penis , used as a sexual-aid ; an artificial-penis with or without a scrotum .

Insertable toys, similar in use to a dildo but not necessarily shaped like a penis, beads are a common example..

Masturbators, used to manipulate one's own genitals, or the genitals of (another), for sexual gratification.

Anal toys, Any of a number of objects inserted into the rectum for anorectic stimulation including: anal-beads (or anal inserts), ass-plugs (or butt plugs), pliable, hard, spiked or strap-on-dildos, and vibrators. CAUTION: Objects introduced into the rectum should be perfectly smooth and thoroughly lubricated with an oil- or a water-based lubricant to prevent tearing the rectal and colon tissues and preferably no more than 4 inches (10 cm) in length to avoid causing problems to the lower intestines. Ass plugs should have an enlarged base or handle at the bottom to prevent the anal-sphincter sucking the object into the rectum.

Cock rings, in BDSM, a leather , rope, rubber , or metal device placed tightly around the base of both the penis and scrotum (not just the shaft) to make the penis get hard faster and stay hard longer by allowing blood to flow freely into the penis (because veins are closer to the skin's surface than arteries) but restricting its flow out .

CBT items, used to control the penis and testicles.

Nipple toys, both decorative and practical, used to stimulate the nipples.

Suction toys, used for stimulation and enlargement.

Sensation toys, both decorative and practical, pleasure or pain is your choice.

Storage, some where to keep your goodies and protect them on journeys.


Cuffs, in bondage , leather or steel rings that lock around the wrists, ankles, thighs and wait of a submissive. Cuffs are linked together by a chain or spreader-bar of varying length ; leather cuffs are fitted with locking buckles, latches, padlocks, or Velcro, and may be lined with sheepskin for comfort.

Collars, an adjustable steel, chain , leather , or rubber band , often studded or decorated, tied around a submissive neck usually as part of a scenario in which the submissive is made to act and behave like a dog or a pet . It is either worn alone as clothing or decoration or with a leash in which case it known as collar-and-lead .

Restraints, used to immobilize part or all of a body, normally in connection with cuffs.

Strap-on and harnesses, a dildo attached to a harness (jock strap style) so a woman can assume the active role.

Chastity, decorative and practical, worn to prevent sexual intercourse.

Hoods, specialized form of bondage applied to the head to depersonalize a submissive thus giving the top more power and giving both participants fewer inhibitions; a (bondage) hood has the added advantage of forcing a bottom to focus all of their attention on their body.

Blindfolds, In bondage and sadomasochism, to bind the eyes of a submissive rendering that person temporarily blind . Losing the sense of sight makes the bottom feel vulnerable and helpless; it is very effective in abrasion and surface play.

Masks, covering for the face or part of the face, to conceal the identity.

Gags, to put something over or into the mouth of, so as to keep from talking, crying out, etc.

Muzzles, similar to a hood but covers the lower part of the face.

Whips, flexible instrument , usually made of leather or rope, with a long striking surface, used for the erotic corporal-punishment of masochists. Some whips used in BDSM are made of feathers, velvet , or rubber to soften the blows.

Canes, a long and slender stick of wood , used for spanking, whipping , and beating , usually across the buttocks .

Crops, or riding-crop , a short riding whip , frequently used for whipping a masochist.

Floggers, multi-tailed whip , similar to the cat-o-nine-tails , but with plain ends.

Paddles, a flat stick for administering punishment by beating.

Slappers and straps, similar in design to paddles but flexible.

Beds and bedding.

Dungeon furniture.

Liberator shapes.

Sex swings and slings.

Sex machines.

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